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From: fergus
To: admin

Sent: Wednesday, January 28 2009

Subject: Maggots, Mailman, Lamb Chops, Heroes and Villains

The National Lunatic Association (NLA) made up of veterans and non veterans from the "Mad Galah" movement is currently choking on its own excrement. Some of the other "Splinter" groups like the Orange movement and the SPSN seem to have woken up to the quality of their association and run for cover. Here are a few of the remaining stalwarts of the NLA:

Wiltshire - aka Royals - aka TJ, an ex "Maggot" and "Criminal Star Chamber" member.

Petersen - aka The much chastened Mailman 

Briggs - Hero of Cambodia - (Dream on Briggs)

Colmer - Ex copper and all round tough guy with a vicious streak.

Muller - Hero of the seven seas, who "stood to" for sixteen hours and once almost mutinied over a bad Lamb chop

Corse - Not so bright and bad to the bone.


Wiltshire aka Royals has been outed as a former member of CPMH/ANZMI. Before Wiltshire's outing he often referred to ANZMI as "Maggots" "Cockroaches" "Criminal Star Chamber" these colourful adjectives were coined by the inimitable Barry Corse whose mate Owen Eather-Evans features on the ANZMI website. Wiltshire left CPMH because of mental problems and was never allowed back.  A former member of ANZMI named Curt Ainsworth could not stand Wiltshire's hypocrisy and blew the whistle, naming him as a full "card carrying" member of CPMH who used the code name "TJ" and very much enjoyed his work and would have had full knowledge about the entry involving Corse's mate Eather-Evans. Wiltshire has been comprehensively exposed and has never denied his involvement. Wiltshire blithely ignores his "outing", still referring to his beloved CPMH as "Maggots" etc and has failed to deny the allegations.

Wiltshire has also been exposed for using a pseudonym, something he denounces Fergus Fairfax for doing.  A person named James Royals wrote the following threatening email:

"From: James Royals jim14471@iprimus.com.au

Date: 12/16/2008 5:55:06 PM

To: edletters@afr.com.au

Cc: LettersEditor SunHerald shletters@mail.fairfax.com.au; letters@bordermail.com.au

Subject: Bigger cost medicals

Mr editor

Three cheers politicals! Put up cost medicine for need by old army for treatment injures made by politicals. Mony go in pocket politicals. Not mind old army just pay CPI and everybodies else get much more many years since. Have friend who old army Australia.  Know what politicals lie to rest Australia. Other country politicals get shot for lie not so big maybe.


3 Bambrick Ct

Wodonga 3690 0412241186"

The truth about Wiltshire/Royals was found in the Wiltshire family tree which shows


NameJames Alan Wiltshire ROYALS15

FatherJohn Osmond ROYALS

MotherFlorence Ruth WILTSHIRE (?1918-)


1Uta Johanna Klara KALF15

Birth14 Feb 1947

Marriage5 Oct 1963

ChildrenDeborah Jean (1964-)

JoAnne Margaret (1967-)

Notes for James Alan Wiltshire ROYALS

James and his brother Robin both changed their names by deed poll to Wiltshire.

Also James changed his name from James Alan Royals to Trevor James Wiltshire

See:  http://www.wiltshirehw.com.au


The next Sad Sack on the list is Alan Petersen the "Mailman". Recently in a "Secret" email to Wiltshire he said

"When do you intend putting Fergus out of business Jim?"

 See the email below

"From: Allen J Petersen petersaj@bigpond.net.au

Sent: Thursday, 18 December 2008 1:47

To: Jim Wiltshire

Cc: Noel "Molly" Muller; Ted Colmer; Donald Tate; Terry Westerway; Harry Kirkman; Jenny Bell

Subject: Fw: A sad message from the Royals family

When do you intend putting Fergus out of business Jim? This shit is never ending!

I get a mention as a mailman this time.



Why does Petersen need Wiltshire/Royals to put Fergus "out of business"?  All Fergus has done is report truthfully about recent events relating to the NLA.  On the last occasion Fergus reported about Petersen it related to Neil James of the Australian Defence Association lambasting Petersen for the corrupt manner that he disseminates information to those silly enough to read his nonsense.

On 23 Jan 09  Petersen, the NLA "Mailman" received another broadside about his ethics, this time from Alan Griffin the Minister for Veterans Affairs, here is an extract from that email:

"You can bombard me all you like, I stand by my commitment, as outlined by you, to do the pharmaceutical review this term.  If you have concluded otherwise from the material Allen Petersen has been circulating, that has more to do with him using his email list to try and score points and mislead people than anything I have said.  I have made it clear to Petersen that my commitment stands.  By his usual approach of circulating parts of emails, highlighting certain points out of context or making editorial comments, he is trying to play games.  I'm totally sick of his behaviour and it is not assisting veterans getting their views considered by Government at all."

The Minister is not happy because it is obvious that Petersen manipulates information to strengthen and confirm the odorous rhetoric that emanates from the electronic pens of the NLA. Decent veterans and institutions simply don't buy it, but do nothing about it, the sooner individuals and institutions like the RSL, TPI Association and others find the courage shown by Neil James and Alan Griffin the better off the veteran community will be.


Briggs is an ex Western Australian policeman, before that a failed National Serviceman.  On completion of his National Service commitment his application for transfer to the Regular Army was rejected. Recently Wiltshire said of Briggs:


"From: Jim Wiltshire

Date: 13/01/2009 12:58:54 PM

To: SilenceIsGolden@SabresRattling

Subject: Hence the astonished silence

Yesterday the ANZAC Community saw an ex grunt/sapper publicly challenge an ex general, some would argue the most untouchable general alive in Australia. The ANZAC community is in shock and amusement at this ANZAC first. Where it will lead is a separate box of uncomfortable questions.

Hence the astonished silence (except from some with very selective memories".

Wiltshire made the amazing statement about Briggs as a result of Briggs accusing a retired Major General and Chairman of the Australian War Memorial (AWM) of being a "crook", here is part of the load of codswallop penned by Briggs in an email to Alan Griffin, Minister for Veterans Affairs.

"Reference: A question of perceived good governance integrity versus statute criminality re the chairman of the AWM ?

G'Day Alan

The document copies available are self explanatory and if they are valid, they demand the presentation of these questions and their urgent highest transparent investigation by the statute responsible and accountable minister for the Australian War Memorial, being yourself Minister Alan Griffin.

Because of the serious nature of this matter in that if the governance honesty and integrity of the Chairman appears to be in question then it is reasonable that the integrity and honesty of the AWM executive must also be raised into question for the protection of the dedicated AWM staff, the ANZAC Community and the Australian Nation at large.."

Wiltshire also refers to Briggs as an ex "grunt/sapper".  Briggs was never a "grunt" as he failed to meet standards during training at 3TB Infantry Training, Singleton and was reallocated to Engineers.  Perhaps the "grunt" reference refers to what Barry Corse wrote to the office of the Prime Minister of  Australia on 21 Sep 2007 saying that Briggs saw heroic Infantry service in Cambodia, won a USA Silver Star, was an accomplice to the murder of an Australian Officer. He further claims that all reference of Briggs Cambodia service was expunged from his service records by conspiratorial Senior Army Officers. According to Corse, after Briggs's discharge he was made an honorary Major and worked undercover for ASIO. Maybe Corse's statement of Briggs being involved in the murder of an Army Officer was a cryptic threat to politicians i.e. "Don't mess with Briggsy, he's a born killer who went on secret ops and doesn't care who he knocks off"

Briggs has never disputed the "Cambodia Service" in Corse's incredible email and Corse has never denied having written it or explained the contents. Either one of them, or both of them are liars.


Colmer is an ex NSW and Federal policeman of the worst kind, he "retired" from police work after he was accused of tying up a woman and robbing her, the accusations were made by his fellow officers. In recent times Colmer has shown himself as a vicious and disturbed person. In relation to the same matter in which Briggs attacks the AWM Chairman, Colmer wrote the following.  (Please note that some of the information has been edited out because of its personal nature.)

"remloc to Steve.Gower, ashley.ekins, Alan.Griffin.MP, me, bobbuick

show details Jan 12 (11 days ago) Reply


See my previous e-mails relating to your general complicity, and corruption; hiding in our [YOU DON'T OWN THIS SACRED PLACE WHERE WE HONOUR OUR WAR DEAD] most sacred cathedral!


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX because of my war service and "dioxin" you declare as harmless!

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxx  Yes, I have a mountain of evidence concerning this person, but would never have envisaged your complicity with this!   Concealment of records, and actively destroying Vietnam veteran's lives XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Start writing your AVO's AWM because you will need them!

I have absolutely nothing left to live for and already know the identity of yours: one fergus fairfax, address and all!!


Ted Colmer"

Notice he again threatens Fergus – for what?  Fergus has done nothing more than inject truth into the litany of lies and deceit perpetrated by the NLA.  Colmer's big issue is that "Generalissimos" past and present and senior Australian War Memorial personnel have conspired to destroy historic documents and distort Military History.

It is hoped that Colmer has received either voluntary or involuntary help following his irrational outbursts – he sorely needs it.


Muller is another sorry soul – his soul being more aptly described with an R. - Muller extols his limited RAN service as heroic and laments not being awarded bravery medals.

He now decries that PTSD has ruined his life, but DVA can only agree to a 40% disability relating to ear problems. In an email to Alan Griffin, Minister for Veterans Affairs, Muller said:

 "My Wife, Bev and I are on a Service Pension and I am in receipt of 40% Disability Allowance due to loss of Hearing compounded by two factors, the 6x4.5 inch Rifles aboard HMAS Vendetta and the stupid personal choice that I made to qualify as a "Ships Diver". The combination caused a fatal flaw in my medical health and a combination of "Atmospheres" (a quotient that doubles for every fathom (6 feet) a Diver submerges below the surface up to an Infinite amount. At 120 feet submerged; you are subjected to 20 atmospheres or 200 Bar (that is 30 times the level experienced at Sea Level). With my fractured skull and other inherent Mental Problems, this was totally stupid but I was cleared to Dive by the Ships Medical Officer prior to every Dive. He has, as I have frequently pointed out, derelict in his duties. Surgeon Lieutenant Whitehead was the man Alan"

Even a person such as myself, whose diving is limited to seeking Nessie in the Loch can see the inaccuracy of his calculations, it is obvious Muller knows little about diving. Below is an example of his longing for more medals.

"We are, fortunately/unfortunately (fill in the spaces) the Veterans community. Mr Buick whom you you appear to feel the need to defend fought in Malaya (So did I) and Borneo (So did I) and Vietnam (So did I) and I have been to Vladivostok and have spent 16 hours playing silly games with a Russian Whiskey class Submarine. I can assure you that I do not claim to have won a MM but then I never wore any long service and good conduct medals to which I was not entitled to either, Neil.

What you see upon my person on days of Remembrance I have earned in the most severe circumstances imaginable.

Due to secrecy self imposed by a "Mason's" ruled Naval Machine, I will never receive any recognition for my activities as a diver in Brunei but hell, whats a few more medals among mates."

Perhaps an old shipmate of Muller from his FESR service may be able to fill us in about the heroic activities of our self proclaimed hero.

In an email dated 7 Jan 09 to a retired, NLA supporting Brigadier, Muller bleated about how he once "almost mutinied" over a lamb chop:

" in the "Lower Deck" of the RAN that the OR's are historically pedantic largely when it comes to the higher command. I was almost involved in one Mutiny aboard HMAS Vendetta which was oddly enough involving the Food we were being fed after a 6 weeks excursion at sea without land fall. It was not as simple as that but that is what it was all about. The food was "rotten" beyond any question and it was only when the rumours reached command that things were brought to heel. Amazing, it was really as simple as that.

After I left the RAN, it was 8 years before I could bring myself to eat any Lamb Chops, such was the quality (????)

Perhaps where Muller is concerned he was "almost an heroic diver", just like he was almost a "Lamb Chop mutineer".

Barry Corse is also a self proclaimed hero who is spiteful and jealous about those who have received bravery awards. As a Commissioned Officer he was a buffoon incapable of completing even simple promotion qualifications. At one stage he must have had aspirations of being Prime Minister because he told his bosses at Canberra that he was going to run for a WA seat in the Liberal Party. He has never explained or justified the lies contained in his Briggs's Cambodia service email to the Prime Minister of Australia on the 21 Sep 2007. In addition although it has been pointed out to him that his good mate Wiltshire was once what he describes as a "Maggot", "Cockroach" and "Star chamber criminal", he has never mentioned that disclosure, and it appears he is still close to Wiltshire aka Royals.

The only thing heroic about Corse is that he exhibits heroic hypocrisy at a level almost equal to Wiltshire.

The NLA – "Mad Galahs" are a group of ignorant, hypocritical and deceitful people who make the veteran community look like a cartel of thugs, liars and conspiracy theorists.

It is time to protest the words and actions of the "Mad Galahs" by advising them and the DVA Minister how despicable they are.

They have shown their colours now they must be shown the door.  


Fergus Fairfax

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