Keith Joyce....Fraud, Conspiracy Theorist and Very Vicious Old Man

Keith Joyce

Keith Joyce spent many years building a false impression of his Military career and Soldierly prowess, particularly in Rockhampton and Central Queensland.

He is a mad galah member who played a big part in trying to destroy various Veterans who have stood in the way of the mad galah agenda. His viciousness and bitterness, coupled with his mad, conspiratorial mind are legendary.

Joyce is a pathetic fraud who has lied about his Military career. The truth is Keith Joyce was a drunken bully boy and incompetent and very junior NCO and temporary WO2  who made a habit of beating up his Soldiers.

He created an aura around himself which painted him as a long serving and senior Regular, volunteer professional Soldier. Many in the Rockhampton local civil community and Veteran community were taken in by his propaganda.

The truth is Keith Joyce spent very little time as a professional Regular Soldier, spending most of his time in the then CMF, now ARES [ part time Soldiers ] and School Cadets [ and Boy Scouts ]. He spent a mere 3 and a bit years as a Regular, professional volunteer Soldier, and was very very average. At discharge he was a very junior Temporary Warrant Officer Class Two, and not a Class One which he lets many people think.

He was also a very junior substantive [ permanent ]Sergeant in the Infantry Corps at discharge, and had a poor reputation in Infantry Battalions, so much so that when the 6 RAR Warrant Officers and Sergeants were told he may be posted to the Battalion as a very junior, trouble making  Sergeant there was uproar. Keith Joyce never ever served in Regular Army Units, and has no knowledge of Regimental life in the professional Army. He simply doesn't understand what being a professional Soldier in regular units is like.

Joyce was rejected for Service in the AATTV [ Training Team Vietnam which worked with the South Vietnamese Military ] in 1967 as being "unsuitable", and was not accepted into AATTV until the Vietnam War was ending in the early 70's. His Military record is anything but exceptional, exemplary and heroic, despite his convincing many to believe otherwise, particularly the central Queensland Federal Member Kirsten Livermore [ALP] and the former Rockhampton Mayor[ALP], with whom he worked in very closely. Joyce has made a career of trying to belittle, defame and destroy many Veterans personal and Military lives over many years.

He has been at the centre of Veteran disunity in Rockhampton for many years. Every time there is trouble in Rockhampton you can bet Joyce's name is there somewhere. He also has built a false reputation for himself as the best Veterans Advocate in the Central Queensland area, something many know firsthand to be untrue.

For many years now, Veterans affairs issues in Rockhampton were neglected because the former RSL President, Keith Joyce, and the small number who supported him, captured the agenda, convinced many gullible community leaders and others that they were the only authority in Rockhampton on Veteran matters and engaged in a vendetta and personal campaign against the RSL and individual Veterans. The viciousness of their attacks on their fellow Veterans has been vile, and in some cases has led to some Veterans contemplating suicide. Anybody who stood up to Keith Joyce was attacked mercilessly.

This meant that, while disabled Veterans and ex Service members suffered in the area because of Government neglect of their compensation entitlements, health care and superannuation entitlements, the former RSL sub branch in that city under Keith Joyce failed miserably to attend to these matters, and instead concentrated on their vicious and spiteful campaigns against the RSL and individual Veterans.

There is plenty wrong with the RSL. However Joyce was not interested in genuinely fixing the RSL system but in payback and a takeover. He wanted to be boss. He had an agenda. Joyce also saw the RSL as a money pot. Much money simply disappeared under his watch and the RSL failed to report his activities to the Police. His financial mismanagement saw over $1,000,000 disappear and the local RSL club and sub branch go broke. A brand new rideon motor mower which was purchased for the RSL home at Emu Park near Rockhampton ended up at Joyce's house and he pocketed "agents fees " of over $30,000 for the sale of RSL land at the rear of the club which was sold to pay his legal bills aquired while fighting the RSL.  The overall arrangement was Joyce had the goods on the RSL, and the RSL had the goods on him, so there was an understanding to leave some matters alone.

Despite the constant highlighting of the real issues which affect Veterans by others in Rockhampton, the band played on, and the dupe continued, with the former Mayor and Kirsten Livermore in particular pandering to the nonsense and misinformation which was then emanating from Anzac House. Kirsten Livermore has received literally thousands of emails over the last 8-9 years, and has never shown any real interest in the Veterans issues which many have been raising around the country for many years, yet she has always had time to pander to Keith Joyce and by extension support his ill conceived plan to disrupt the RSL core business in Central Queensland, and indeed in Queensland.

The glue which binds Kirsten Livermore and Keith Joyce together is their allegiance to the loony left of the ALP. It?s well known in political circles that Livermore sits on the far left of the Labor Party, and has been a destabilizing force in the Federal Parliamentary Party.

Keith Joyce, through his Labor contacts, bully boy tactics, misinformation and self praise, was able to convince many in Rockhampton that he somehow was the sole voice for Veterans in that area, that he alone understood the issues and that he alone had the power and intelligence to answer all questions regarding Veterans matters. The truth of course has always been that Keith Joyce and his few supporters have been a destabilizing and corrosive factor in the Veteran community in Rockhampton and surrounds.

Mad galah Keith Joyce is a blight and suppurating boil on the Australian Veteran community. He is a disgrace to all decent Veterans and ex Servicemembers.


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