Phillip Moon, Butterworth 1971.

The majority of the Mad Galahs are not the great Australian larrikins as depicted in George Mansford's book, they are failed servicemen, misfits, morally bankrupt frauds, abusive conspiracy theorists and wannabes.  Here is another example.

The crazy element of the Mad Galahs all have peccadilloes in their kit bags. This report is about an occasional Mad Galah who claims to have served for 16 years with the RAAF and during that time gave some very remarkable service for Queen and country as a junior Airman whilst on holidays (Covert Mission) in Butterworth Malaysia.

Phillip Moon of Bundaberg Queensland is the artful dodger who writes with great flare and little truth.  In communications with the Mad Galahs he has given two accounts of heroic exploits near the Butterworth airbase in Malaya in 1971.

Here are Moon's two stories together with comments from other Mad Galahs distributed by their mailman Allen J Petersen.  The stories are long winded and Fergus tried to remove some paragraphs for brevity, but found them so enthralling couldn't do so.




From: Phillip Moon

To: 'Allen J Petersen'

Sent: Saturday, 29 March 2008 3:43 PM

Subject: Message from Phillip Moon

 Hi Allen and everyone,

You may have seen a number of reports, statements, motivational advice remarks etc that I have made over a long time, yet you don't really know who I am. Basically I would like you all to know some basics about me. Please look at my website as I may be able to help not only yourselves but your family as well?

I joined the Air Force on the 20th February 1970 as an Equipment Clerk, I underwent all the same training as everyone else, to prepare to go to Vietnam. After rookies and being spat on, pies thrown at me, drinks poured over me and bashed up, we were instructed by the Officer Commanding RAAF Base Edinburgh to not wear our uniforms outside of the base and to wear hats, so that we wouldn't attract attention.

That shitted me off right from the start, here we were (me especially as I was an Adult volunteer, who walked into the Brisbane Recruitment Office to proudly join up and to defend this country on the encroaching enemy from the North), then to be treated this way by the people we were supposed to be protecting, really hit all of us recruits hard.

I was posted to RSTT Wagga at Forest Hill and began my training as an Equipment Clerk, which I completed at the end of the year. My first posting was to RAAF Base Central Store at Williamtown near Newcastle, where I had ex-Vietnam veterans, suffering from PTSD, plus injuries working beside me. I wanted to go over to participate, like my Dad did during the Korean War in the R.A.N. and my Uncles did in WWII, who were both killed.

My luck wasn't with me at all, I was told to get ready to go over, go down to medical and get my booster shots and pack up my cabin trunk and duffle bag, as I was leaving within three days. On the day before, I was told that I wasn't going over anymore as another chap with additional qualifications was going over instead. That really upset me, so I applied for an Indulgence passage to Butterworth, which came through in 1971.

In the three weeks I was there I was asked to go on a covert mission and one day the opportunity was there, so I went with the Malaysian Army convoy inland from Butterworth, to check out the safety zones for the base.

About thirty kilometres from the base we came under fire from communists (we had two jeeps up front, an APC, then two jeeps in the rear. I was in the rear jeep and a round hit the car about an inch from my head. However the young bloke in the front as the passenger froze and I quickly grabbed his SLR and saw a bloke run behind a coconut palm and then noticed another chap do the same behind the same tree.


I didn't have to wait long before one put his head around to see if the coast was clear, so I fired and he went down, so the second one panicked and as he started to run, I fired again and he went down, then behind a pile of fallen trees, I didn't see a third bloke until he jumped up and ran, so I fired hitting him in below the left shoulder blade and down he went.


As the firing finished the Officer came up to us and asked if we were ok and I said I was ok, while the others were also talking. Just then an army chap called out that three communists were over on my side of the jeep about thirty yards away and two had been shot in their heads and one through the heart also through his back. I just sat there very quiet and said that this bloke in the front was a great shot, but that lie didn't last long, as the officer looked at me and said, this is his first trip out here and he couldn't hit a barn if the barrel was leaning against it, so all eyes focused on me. So I said, so I got angry having somebody shooting at me!


Of course when I came back to Australia I told the Squadron Leader who asked me to go on a mission in the first place, but nothing is written down about it, accept my old passport, which has my arrival and departure dates. I had been warned that it was still dangerous up there in 1971 and to watch out all the time. Mirages were still taking off and dropping bombs on communist sites only a hundred kilometres away from Butterworth at that time.

I decided that just sitting behind a desk writing supply demands and arrivals, was a bit boring so I remustered to the Air Defence Mustering and was posted to No 1 CRU at Brookvale, then after the training, to No 2 CRU at Lee Point near Darwin. In November 1973 Gough brought in the amnesty and I decided to get out and do a Flight Service Officers course in Melbourne for DCA in those days.


I waited for seventeen months without an answer, so I re-enlisted on the 10th April 1975 as a Supplier (Stores person) and was posted to No 2 Stores Depot, Regents Park in Western Sydney. Upon arrival I was asked to be transferred to the Ground Equipment Maintenance Squadron at Villawood. I remained in those two areas until I was posted to Base Squadron Central Store Amberley Queensland.


However during my stay at Regents Park, I attended the Granville Train Crash on the 18th January 1977, as a party of a small convoy of trucks to remove all the body bags to Lidcombe or Parramatta hospital. After only one trip to Lidcombe morgue, we carried four adult bodies and a young girl who had been cut in half, which affected both of us so much that we drove straight back to base and handed the truck over. We were then told to go straight back to work, not to go to medical for any counselling like they do today.

All I did was sit on a seat all day at the back of the store listening to a concrete pipe breakage testing unit as it went on and on banging and crashing through pipes to see what pressure they could withstand.


Within three days I went into a 29 year memory loss period and have only came out of it about a year ago. I am now hoping that a claim I put in for PTSD is approved, due to the constant nightmares and daydreams I have almost every night!

As a Supplier I began handling chemicals in 1975 and never stopped handling them until I got out of the Air Force on the 9th April 1987. Not once in those years was I presented with a pair of gloves, protective coveralls, facial safety equipment, side splash units for safety head wear, nor even a pair of over shoe protectors. So now I suffer numerous conditions, plus my wife suffers conditions as well, due to her handling my work clothes and the chemicals staying in the washing machine ready to contaminate any other clothes that went in.

Ok I have explained all about that so you have an idea about me, so if you do want to pass on the names of chemicals you used in the service or civy Street, cosmetics your wives or girlfriends use, which includes your daughters, to see if they are putting poisons on themselves, please feel free to contact me on my website, as that's all I can do now, after handling the SR51 sealant for the F-111's at Amberley, so by offering to look up sites and passing information on to people free of charge, I still feel as if I am doing something to help people.

We were never able to have any children, thanks to the SR51, but the Air Force don't care about us, even admitting that they were fully liable for poisoning us, accepting the full health study and stating we were going to receive compensation after Christmas 2004, not one cent has arrived yet.

But hopefully the new Government may be able to change things around for us all?

 Right everyone cheers for now and don't be afraid to pass on Chemical names for me to place on my site please?

 Cheers for now,

 Phillip Moon –

 Before you read the next  moon adventure a friend of mine donated the following information to assist in this matter:

 "Hello Fergus,

I have been observing the comments of various mad galahs regarding their alleged Military Service.

I was deeply dismayed and dumbfounded to see a Phillip Moon make statements in 2008 regarding his alleged service at RAAF Butterworth in 1971. This base at this time was in the process of being handed over to the Malaysian Government and the RMAF had a large presence on the base.

Phillip Moon made various wild statements about the security situation at Butterworth in 1971, and he claims among other things that the former Communist insurgency remained a security problem around Butterworth at that time and that the RAAF engaged in "bombing missions" on "Communist" positions.

I was at Butterworth in 1971 as part of the Base Security [Infantry] Company which was rotated through Butterworth from Singapore on monthly basis. I can accurately state there was no Communist threat known to us at that time, that to the best of my knowledge neither the RAAF nor the RMAF conducted "bombing missions" on Communist positions and that the whole area was very secure.

In addition to our role as a base support Company [ Army ], we trained in riot drill to support the Malaysian Government if called in by the National Government for internal security purposes. We never were. All Australian Forces in Singapore and Malaysia were deployed at that time under the former SEATO Treaty, and our responsibilities were to protect those Nations against invasion and also to support the Governments on internal security matters, if called upon to do so by these two Governments. We were never called upon to do so. The Malayan Emergency and Confrontation with Indonesia, while near memories and still fresh in our minds, were over.

We had a ball at Butterworth and it was one of the cream postings of my Military career.



Now following is what other Mad Galahs have said.  Firstly from the pen of the infamous Siren and all round authority on matters veteran, the non veteran, the inimitable Ms Jenny Bell.

From: Jenny Bell]

To: Allen J Petersen

Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 9:03 AM

Subject: TO MR xxxxxxxxx & MR xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Did I miss something here Mr xxxx & Mr xxxxxxx ?

What amazing personage was it, who died and left either, or both of you, in charge of what we should read & believe ?

As both of you would be very well aware, the history of 2nd D&E, (As just one example ) which both of you so scathingly dismissed, a few short weeks ago, has now in fact, been accepted by the AWM, and acknowledged as having happened , in SPITE of the fact that there was seemingly NO written history, in official accounts!

Official accounts have been discredited before today, & some will continue to be shown to be non factual, in some cases.

Why then, speak so scathingly, of the personal accounts of Vets, when you were NOT PRESENT, to be able to say otherwise ? And  could you Please, tell me WHY BOTH seem to think, that someone has died,and made you the God almighty authority, on what we should read, and /or what Vets should write about ?

Phillip Moon & Noel Muller, have written from their OWN personal experience ...not your experience gentlemen....but THEIRS!

If you were both not so full of yourselves, you would know that there are experiences in this world, (besides your own ), that need telling, and just because YOU were not there & it isn't written up by the army/navy/air force history, does by no stretch of the imagination,mean it didn't happen!!!

So Back Off Gentlemen!! And allow others their own personal right, to relay what happened during their service,as they see it. You have the right to use your forefinger & hit the delete button if you so choose ...but DONT dismiss, and /or , denigrate the personal memoirs of others,unless you were THERE,and don't presume to tell others what YOU think we should believe !!!!

Have a nice day!

Jenny Bell

Next is Ms Maryann Martinek, ex Servicewoman, (but not a veteran) an NLA and SPSN stalwart famous for her dalliance with a well known media person and her chocolate Slouch Hats. Maryann said:

From: Maryann Martinek

To: Allen J Petersen

Sent: Sunday, 30 March 2008 7:54 AM

Subject: Re WHO I AM.. (Edited for brevity)

 Its because these guys are the voices of the forgotten amongst our history. They also are sought out to pluck information from their memories to fill in the gaps when the official military record is 'hazy. I like to read their stories bc if they are generous enough to share them I can see some benefit to others like me who are interested in the stories of pple like Phil. If you knew him or any of his history you would not have made your statement., ……….

…………… Its not our place to question or correct Phil, like xxxx did with all sorts of references to books and articles. I just hope that it don't dissuade Phil to send some more information if he wishes to share it with us.

.  ………..We can learn a lot from pple like Phil. If we were to listen and not judge.

Neville Bryant aka "Nifty Blue" a veteran of Gembrook, Vic and ardent NLA man weighed into an executive of Australian Defence Association who rightly said that Moon is full of it. (or words to that effect)

From: NiftyBlue

To: Allen J Petersen

Sent: Sunday, 30 March 2008 10:40 AM

Subject: Re: WHO I AM..

If we left history to the likes of xxxxxxxxxxxx, I wonder how the much recognition would be forthcoming of the 2nd D & E Platoon??????

Seems like someone in RAAF writing the history for an infantry platoon, as xxxxxxxxxx is apparently army well military intelligence,, and telling us about Mirage fighters,,, I seem to remember them giving demos at Singleton in the 60's and they showed their strafing capability then!!!!!  Or was I dreaming at the time???

Look out! "Molly" Muller the fighting pusser also rose to defend Moon. Look what he said "I make no false claims",  yeh right Molly, however we have all read about your "Fighting in Vietnam," simply put  you are a liar.

From: Noel P Muller

To: Allen J Petersen

Sent: Sunday, 30 March 2008 11:52 AM

Subject: Re: WHO I AM..

For Greg xxxxxxxxx

I would simply draw your attention to my recently posted email with the similar "Subject Line" to this email. There is absolutely no necessity for you to become upset, involved, or feel you are compelled to make yourself the Village Policeman xxxxxxxxx  as you are just another Service Number the same as what I am. I make no false claim, I have nothing to gain, I had a claim in with DVA but when I received the mentioned letter from "Stevo",

I immediately rang DVA and "Pulled said claim" and they asked me to confirm my "Pulling" it with a follow up email, which I did so why don't you just leave well enough alone and go back into your hollow and catch a few rays. You have no requisite to comment, pass judgement, make any observation what so ever. You were not even mentioned in the conversation between Neil James, Phillip Moon or anyone else for that matter so what makes you think your adjudication is necessary to begin with. IT IS NOT.

Best regards, Molly.

Now for the finale grande Phil Moon's second description of his Malayan escapades as a nineteen year old Airman on a clandestine mission to Malaya – Gimme a break!!  Part two of Phil's "story" is the final word on this matter, it is hoped  the general veteran community have learned a little more about the integrity and stupidity of the Mad Galahs.

From: Plillip Moon

To: 'Allen J Petersen'

Sent: Saturday, 3 January 2009 1:58 PM


Hi Syd, I once made a comment about my Indulgence Passage to Butterworth in July 1971 and before leaving Australia, I was told to be very careful because of Communist Insurgents still occasionally causing problems not far from Butterworth and Penang. At 19 I was asked while I was there to pretend I was a tourist and check out Butterworth Base outside perimeter security from a different perspective and not just from the military side of things. Basically due to the increase of the locals moving closer and closer to the back of the bases perimeter, I was asked to see how safe it was and pay particular attention to mortar shells being lobbed into the base, so the distance was important.

On the day in question when I had to go over to Butterworth Base to get Salt Tablets from Medical, I noticed an Malaysian Army patrol getting ready to out on one of their local patrols, so I asked if I could come along as a tourist, although I was waiting for a phone call, which was again advised to watch out for while I was up there, by the Squadron Leader. After persuading the Officer said seeing we were only going on patrol for a few hours and I wasn't going to be picked up until 5pm, I could come along.

Basically I won't go through the whole matter again, because the same chaps who were there in the 60's will all come out of the woodwork again and accuse me of making it all up. But we came under attack, I killed three but the entire sixteen were killed. Now for those blokes who even said there were no mirages up there at the time, I will tell you something that should shut your mouths instantly, so back off!

I have four witnesses including a 9 Squadron helicopter pilot, a person working on the far end at the back of the base at the time and heard gunfire going off in the distance, a Malaysian SNCO who also had to put in a report or our trip, without any mention of me going, as it wasn't allowed as you know, plus one of the men of the group who took me up there had to be attended to, not for being wounded but for running into a stump of a tree hurting his leg. Now for the non believers that no mirage aircraft were there while I was at Penang. I was staying with Woff Cliff Woollard and his wife, Anne and three other children almost across the road at Tanjong Bungah from the International School.

Now for those who totally disagreed that I ever went there or I was telling untruths, if you know of Woff Woollard, he happened to be the W.O.D. of 75 Squadron, which happened to be the Mirage Squadron I was telling you about, yet you wouldn't believe me, so that may silence a few of you and by the way a mate of mine was posted to 75 Squadron only three weeks after I left Butterworth returning home to Williamtown in August. His name is Ian Winkle and his job was to wash down the Mirages, that you people said that we're not there!

Before I even left Williamtown to go to Butterworth, I was sent to Medical to have booster shots and told to pack as if I was going to Vietnam, because I was single and could be flown over on the regular flights from Butterworth to Vietnam in those days as Vietnam was still going in 1971. I had to have all my belongings packed into my cabin trunk and the items coming up to Butterworth with me, kept separate. So when I arrived in Singapore first, we stopped off at the R.A.F. Base that had the barriers come down to close the road, while we crossed to the Air Movements area, then we proceeded to Butterworth about an hour later, after letting off about fourteen Singaporean Officers. I also told you that I was told to be very careful as there were still activities going on in very small skirmishes around the Penang area.


One last thing is that I was told if I was to receive a phone call saying I was going to Vietnam from Butterworth, then my cabin trunk would be loaded on a Herc and sent to Nam.

I also had to watch any red flags blowing in the breeze on the hills in the Tanjong Bungah cleared land areas and not to go over to them, because they were traps set with bags of lollies for any unsuspected person to walk over to and pick up the bag, as it was a triggering device for explosives underneath the site and all children were warned not to go near them. Which is what was verified by a women School Teacher from the International School to me while I walked around there one day.

So for all you non believers who all had a go at me the first time, I will tell you again, I don't have to answer to any of you, it happened to me, you were not there at the same time as I was and you didn't see the huge number of your photos, including your family photos, that I saw when I went into a shop to buy something one day, but when the owner saw me, it was too late and I saw them and him throw them under the counter. Which I reported to the Local Police, so as I said the first time, I felt you were very lucky as they knew exactly what you and your family looked like and wonder to yourselves, why did they want to know in the first place, all I can say is that you were lucky, maybe the local Police went straight around and saw him?

To those who still don't believe me, then tough and I will not answer questions as If I am facing a court martial, I was there, you weren't with me when this event occurred, but my witnesses know. I am not after medals or anything I just wanted to tell you about what happened. So you can either believe me or just let it go I won't lose any sleep as I am already dying from being poisoned by handling SR51 for the F-111's at Amberley, along with my wife.

Sorry Syd for going on a bit there, but I just wanted those people to know that I wasn't telling any untruths!

Cheers, Phil


Anyone in the forum like to comment on Mac's post.  Allen

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