Noel "Molly" Muller...Fraud, Liar and Wannabe



Noel Patrick "Molly" Muller of NLA Mad Galah fame claims his chance of recognition for his heroic HMAS Vendetta service was thwarted by the Freemasons who were controlling his ship. Fair dinkum these are his exact words:

"What you see upon my person on days of Remembrance I have earned in the most severe circumstances imaginable. Due to secrecy self imposed by a "Mason's" ruled Naval Machine, I will never receive any recognition for my activities as a diver in Brunei but hell, what's a few more medals among mates"

Molly, you know, I know and every one of the other 317 officers and crew of HMAS Vendetta FESR service know, that what you have said about your Navy service is 10% truth and 90% crap.

The purpose of this email is to once again point out the quality of the Veterans who support the crazy element of the Mad Galah movement. It may also give Muller the opportunity to recant his "stories" with perhaps a little more emphasis on the truth, but then again if you have convinced your family that you suffer terribly as a result of your war caused injuries I guess it's a bit hard to drop the charade. It is a damn pity (For Molly) that DVA also disagree with Molly's version of his service.

These are some other things that "Molly" has said:

"In my case, very nearly at the cost of my very life due to the stupidity of a Naval Officer.  I have been under the treatment of Psychiatrists since the RAN dumped me in 1966 (following injuries suffered) but the RAN did it in such a way as to make it impossible for me to obtain any compensation"

Molly are you sure that this is correct? Perhaps you should consider the Ophthalmologists report that said you were Below Naval Physical Standards (BPNS) in your rating as a Visual Signaller (V/S) and you were directed to transfer to another category or branch. It appears that you refused to transfer and therefore were discharged BPNS, well before your initial nine year enlistment was up, three and a half years to be exact. I suggest you stuffed up and got the boot rather than any war caused injuries provoking your early discharge – Any comments?

Now the rib tickler:

"I was made to carry out the duties of Clearance Diver as we had no CDT onboard. I was instructed to accompany the Ghurkas inshore and make sure that they were established and then return to the Ship with the "Inflatable" that they used. On recovering them, somehow, the ship was given incorrect co-ordinates and I beached where there was a company of PKI.  By that, I mean that I beached and then a company of PKI came along from inshore.  They were spread out and heading directly to the beach.  I was forced to engage several of these individuals and in the process, I dispatched three that I am aware of but there may well be more.  The Patrol did not go onto the sand but stayed in the jungle and headed north away from me and as soon as I believed it safe, I re-entered the water and made haste back to HMAS Vendetta.  I reported immediately to Captain John P Stevenson and reported the entire incident to him in detail". 

"We withdrew and made afresh contact with the 'ghurkas and it turned out that we had indeed landed in Indonesian Territory. New co-ordinates were given and the following night.  I returned inshore with the new bearings.  I made contact with the Ghurkas and brought them back on board.  As a matter of an aside, the Ghurkas, you will recall Phillip had Hessian bags which contained human heads.  On reboarding HMAS Vendetta, these heads were place in the ABCD Shower Cubicle. (The Wash Down area for anyone contaminated by Atomic. Biological , Chemical Agents) where they remained until we returned the Ghurkas to Singapore. It evolved that the heads were for the purpose of positive identification of the individual PKI operatives whom had been captured and slain."

"Molly" you took on a Company of PKI soldiers, killed three or more of them and the rest ran away?  What did you use, a Bowie Knife, a Rifle or your Karate hardened bare hands?  It is no wonder you are crooked on the Freemasons for not giving you a medal, you deserved a VC.  Any comments?

The old "Head in Hessian Bag" story rears its ugly ---whoops no won't say it – again.  This is a hackneyed theme often used by the less honest FESR sailors making DVA claims. Molly please confirm that the Officers of Vendetta allowed rotting human heads to fester away and roll around in the ABCD shower cubicle whilst you returned to Singapore. Sounds more like a pirate ship than the very proud HMAS Vendetta. Any comment?

Here is another example of the "Vendetta head maneuver"  and with little effort could dig up more - see paragraphs 7 to 12 2004/86.html?query=HMAS%20Vendetta  

Any soldier who ever pulled on a boot knows you are full of it when you claim to have single handed defeated a Company of Indonesian soldiers. Even your dopey mate Barry Corse should have questioned that one, but then again Guru Corse resides in a place not of this earth.

Recently you had the temerity to "take to task" a learned Veteran who attained senior rank during his service and who now serves in a senior position with the Australian Defence Association. You also took to task Bob Buick MM likening your service to his, what a load of coddswallop. This is what you said of the ADA representative:

 "He has read widely burgeoning tomes from around the globe relative to matters of war and has declared himself as an Authority. ("Definition = He is a Power of One"). So, do not be daunted by his loss from your efforts Francis as he was absolutely useless to you unless you paid upfront one of his inordinate subscription fee's and then you became a valued "friend".

“Neil James is an unusual customer whom delights in causticity towards anyone whom does not scrape and bow to his assumed ascendancy. I regret that this situation is indeed a fallacy of Neil James and I am guilty of having taken him to task about his bona fides"

This is what you said to Bob Buick MM

 "We are, fortunately/unfortunately (fill in the spaces) the Veterans community. Mr Buick whom you appear to feel the need to defend fought in Malaya (So did I) and Borneo (So did I) and Vietnam (So did I) and I have been to Vladivostok and have spent 16 hours playing silly games with a Russian Whiskey class Submarine. I can assure you that I do not claim to have won a MM but then I never wore any long service and good conduct medals to which I was not entitled to either, Neil"

 Vladivostok? Vendetta never went that far north, neither did Melbourne. Perhaps you visited Vladivostok on a Trafalgar Tour?


"Fought in Vietnam", that's strange, you were on HMAS Melbourne that never in its 27 year history fired a shot in anger or engaged an enemy. You did "bob" around Vietnam well out to sea for a few days during April and May 1966, and you may have fought your way to the sailors mess for Devonshire tea, but you never "fought in Vietnam"

Of course your "Fighting in Malaya and Borneo" refers to your single handed destruction of a PKI Company.

You also allude to being in possession of "secret documents"

" I was then, by way of opportunity to the Royal Navy and the ACNB simply by being in the region automatically involved in the Indonesian Konfrontasi against the PKI in the North of Borneo and this situation persisted between 1963 and 1964 but although I hold (previously) Secret documents stating the nature of our involvement, the RAN has apologised that due to circumstances not under their control, the Log Book of the HMAS Vendetta for this entire period (so we are talking about several books) have been LOST and with the regret of the RAN, they are unable to collaborate my service in the region".

Got some good news for you, the Log Books and Report of Proceedings for Vendetta 1961 – 1964 are available and will soon be posted to the Internet so that old sailors like you can reminisce about your involvement with the Royal Navy, the Australian Commonwealth Naval Board (ACNB), severed heads, one man fire fights and great diving exploits. If you like, would be happy to direct Veterans Affairs to the "lost" documents so that your long awaited claim can "get up"


You said all these silly things as part of the email shown below - (Heading only)

“From: Noel P Muller []
Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2008 2:46 PM
To:; Allen J Petersen; Phillip Moon;
Subject: Who am I (Referring)

Neil James (Ada) (For Information)

Dear Phillip Moon”

(contents removed, but are available on request)

Incidentally Phillip Moon (the addressee) is an ex RAAF NLA supporter, he is also a hero, he too single handed, cleaned up a group of Malayan communist terrorists, whilst he was meandering around the perimeter of the Butterworth air base – but that is another story.

Muller recently provided his record of service, as shown below. It's not quite right is it?

"Units of Service, HMAS Cerberus 16/1/1961, HMAS Vendetta 8/1/1962-30/4/1964. HMAS Kuttabul 1/5/1964-xx/11/1965-30/6/1966 - Discharged to shore, Physically Unsuited for Naval Service following injuries sustained. Service record, Far East Strategic Reserve 1962, Vietnam 1966 (2 occasions) Regalia Earned:- ASM (FESR Bar); AASM (Vietnam Bar 1966 & 1966); VLSM 1966; Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal 1962-1963-1964; ADM (Service ADF):"

What happened to HMAS MELBOURNE, 6/12/65 - 29/6/66, in which you earned the VLSM?  You conveniently forgot that ship. Why? Was it because the Captain tossed you off it and out of the Navy?

Molly you have often challenged all and sundry to check the bona fides of your Navy Service, saying that it is an open book – and so it is - only problem is that it is mostly a work of not so fine fiction.

Before we receive the ROPs and Log books perhaps there are some offended HMAS Vendetta crew who may wish to confirm or deny Molly's stories?