Don Tate.....Poor Don.....Nobody Has Had It As Tough


Donald Tate is one of the most obnoxious and blatantly mercenary veterans to pop up in the veteran community in recent times. He is about to launch another book selling campaign and true to form has launched another timely hate session to raise his profile and sell his book.



"AWM 2 Jul 2008

From:    ]

Sent: Wednesday, 2 July 2008 18:53


Subject: Re: 2nd DE Pl and Official History

1.  The combined infantry-armour night ambush near Thua Tich on 29/30 May 1969 (during Operation Garry Owen) by soldiers of the D&E Platoon and 2 Troop, B Squadron, 3 Cavalry Regiment is comprehensively covered in the final official history volume, Fighting to the Finish (expected release in 2009).  This was a significant action for a number of reasons and warrants such an extensive coverage and analysis.  The official history notes that a group of D&E Platoon soldiers involved in that action later called themselves, unofficially: "Second D&E Platoon".

2.  An exhaustive search of relevant records in the Australian War Memorial collections (roll books, commander's diaries, establishment tables, etc.) found no documentary evidence of the formation or existence of a "Second D&E Platoon".  A single D&E Platoon was recorded as a sub-unit under command of Headquarters Company in the 1ATF order of battle and establishment records.  The existence of the D&E Platoon and its actions has never been in doubt. It is well documented in unit and task force operational records as well as the official history to be released in 2009. 

3.  Given the advice supplied by the Australian War Memorial and the Army History Unit, I cannot account for the announcement on 29 May 2008 by the Hon Dr Mike Kelly, Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Support, confirming that the government and the Defence Department have been able to determine that the 2nd D&E Platoon "did indeed exist and engaged in a series of important actions in Vietnam as part of the Australian Task Force." 

4. The order of battle, compiled from official records, will remain unchanged in the army volumes of the official history.



Tate has said he enlisted into the Army after watching news of the 1968 Tet offensive,specifically requesting to serve with Royal Australian Infantry in Vietnam. He got his wish, was enlisted and following training was dispatched to Vietnam as an Infantry soldier. Tate was severely wounded in action after around seven months in Vietnam and his career as a soldier ended. It is notable that in 95% of his emails he reminds everybody that he was wounded. There were around 2025 other men Wounded in Action in Vietnam none of these seem to advertise the fact as strongly or as often as Tate.

Tate's traumatic experience in Vietnam has dogged him all his life as it has many thousands of other uncomplaining soldiers.  Tate has exhibited bizarre behaviour over many years; however his greatest sin has been to wrongly accuse many hard working Army Officers of being grossly corrupt and dishonest in the discharge of their duties in Vietnam.

Tate has all the experience of a very junior Private soldier, and without any proof he charges the Commander of his unit as being corrupt and having deliberately expunged and changed military records and individual soldier's service records to cover inherent dishonesty in the Armed Forces during the Vietnam war and in modern times.

He sensationalised his book by claiming that details of a "unit" he served with in Vietnam for about six weeks had been corruptly expunged from Military records.  The media and some gullible veterans and a couple of politicians believed Tate's stupidity. The accused ex Army Officers being too polite to enter into such a ridiculous argument have remained silent.

One apparent renegade ex Brigadier chose to directly support Tate's quest, in doing so, he is supporting the assertions of corruption by his peers in Vietnam. Brigadier Neil Weekes went as far as being photographed at the Australian War Memorial with Tate and his mates.

See the photo. Brigadier Neil Weekes is on the left then ex Privates Bigwood, Colmer, Tate and Lloyd-Thomas. All except Weekes were members of the D&E Platoon at HQ 1 Australian Task Force, Nui Dat in 1969.  The hirsute Stetson bedecked cowboy in the photo is Ted Colmer a particularly vicious ex copper and member of the Mad Galahs and Tate's Brigade of villains. (Colmer may feature on these pages in the near future.)


Five members of the 2nd D&E Platoon - 4RAR's 'lost platoon' - from left: Neil Weekes; Richard Bigwood; Ted Colmer; Don Tate; Kevin Lloyd-Thomas, who met with The Hon Mike Kelly MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Support, at Parliament House. After extensive investigations, Mr Kelly formally acknowledged the existence of the 2nd D&E Platoon, and is in the process of ensuring that it is correctly recorded in all the historical accounts, along with its membership, leadership, and the historical record of its actions against the enemy in Vietnam 39 years ago. 


Weekes must have known when the photo was taken that these cowboys were wrong about the formal existence of a 2nd D&E Platoon and that they were all part of the one and only D&E Platoon. The Task Force Commander simply split his force as best suited the tactical situation. The name 2nd D&E Platoon was bestowed on the group as a nick name only, and required no formal or separate listing by the Task Force Commander.

Tate is part of the Mad Galah group who have said over and over that the Military is innately corrupt and controlled by a consortium of current and ex Senior Defence Officers who are also Freemasons. He and his mates refer to these people as the "Generalissimos". His and his mate's assertions are straight from Disney Land; however they have convinced the less erudite veterans that it is true.

It is a fact that Tate and the Mad Galahs are steered (if not controlled) by at least two retired Brigadiers whose motives are beyond comprehension.  On instructions from his "Brigalissimo" mates Tate has shut his gob in recent times, however his impending second book selling tour has restarted his insulting carping. We ask the "Brigalissimos" to please control their troops. 

Tate's book marketing campaign for his autobiographical book depends on his sensational and tawdry false disclosures of corruption and dishonesty among Army Officers.

Here are some of the accusations made by Tate and, by association, supported by the "Brigallisimos" .

"about being an infantryman in Vietnam - one of the most unpopular wars this nation ever fought- of blatant army incompetence, and medal-grabbing by officers,"

"There's something dreadfully wrong with a system that encourages officers to lie, that encourages people to make false entries in historical documents."

"The records of the men in this platoon were falsified, leaving no official record of the Platoon's existence."

Tate also said in an email on the 8 April 2008:

"If that's being a "community trouble-maker", the author of that letter has led a very sheltered little life"

"I suspect that my desire to have the truth about the 2nd D&E Platoon revealed has ruffled a few feathers, as to my campaign to get Jim Riddle repatriated."

Inducing Jim Riddle to come to Australia was a dishonest and cynical habeas corpus move designed only to secure publicity for your book.

You did not repatriate Riddle, he was never an Australian citizen, you convinced the dills in the Mad Galah movement to lobby politicians to get Riddle over here to claim a medal or two and solely to publicise to the veteran community your autobiography, which without the Riddle move and your disgraceful conspiracy theories no veterans would ever
have bothered to read.

Riddle is now being repatriated back to his home in the United Kingdom after your money grubbing mercenary sales campaign almost killed him.

You are indeed a "community trouble-maker" and all your trouble is made to the veteran community and all in the name of your self enrichment through the sales of a book.

Tate you are full of crap, however you are admired for your evil malicious yet skillful manipulation of the "Brigallissimos" politicians and the Group of misfit conspiracy theorists known as the Mad Galahs, well played, but the play is so dirty the stink will follow you for the rest of your life.