Terry Westerway.....Failed Gunner, Failed Soldier and Know All Fool


Terry Westerway has a lot to say on the internet. He was a VVAA member in an outer Sydney sub branch and maybe remains so. He was never popular in the VVAA and at meetings would sit alone while nobody bothered with him.

He paints himself as a former regular professional Soldier of experience and good standing, and as some sort of criminal investigator and legal advisor. If one falls for his self congratulations Westerway indeed is a specialist in various areas. The truth is different.

Westerway is an avid and strongly vocal mad galah member.

This group has among it’s leading lights such questionable figures as Keith Joyce, Barry Corse, David Briggs, Allen Petersen, Paul Dignon, Jim Wiltshire, Harry Kirkman, Ted Colmer and an assortment of others who paint themselves as Veteran experts, as protectors of Veterans rights and as a group which has much political, ESO and ADF influence. This group has some fringe dwellers who associate with it including Charlie Bartkus and Neville Tickner. The truth about this group is vastly different from what it paints itself as. Kirkman
 has been accused of being a fraud by the ANZMI website which publicly exposes wannabees and frauds in the Veteran community.

It is very sad to see any decent Veterans believe this group has the influence and principle it says it has. It does not have any real influence and little if any general respect.

So far, without exception, each time the Military histories of the leading lights of this group are unveiled, we see former Soldiers and Officers who were incompetent discipline problems, who were totally unsuited to Military Service and who have embellished their Military records to create the impression they were something they were not.

However, when a group such as this sets itself up as the knight in shining armour of the Veteran community, when it abuses, badgers, threatens, defames and attacks politicians, other Veterans, the media, ESOs and the ADF leadership, it leaves itself and it’s members open to deep scrutiny. In 2006 this group published a poster around the internet which said KILL BILLSON FIRST, Billson being former DVA Minister Bruce Billson.

Westerway was a bank Johnny who served in the then CMF [ARES ] and then enlisted in the Regular Army. He served in Artillery and was a totally incompetent Gunner. Westerway was posted to a Radar Unit at North Head. In Vietnam this unit operated radars and manned various listening posts [LPs ] around Nui Dat and other places.  After discharge Westerway did some sort of insurance assessing job, and now likes to paint himself as somebody who has criminal investigation experience and who is a legal expert.

Westerway was a serious discipline problem in the Army, being charged with many offences whilst on War Service [ Active Service ] and during Peacetime. War Service offences are most serious offences because during War our fellow Veterans need us for protection and we must be able to rely on each other. He also found it difficult to pass several basic Artillery courses and eventually he was forcefully discharged before his engagement was completed as being unsuitable for Military Service.

It’s true not all can be combat Soldiers, it’s true we all have our problems in life and none in the Military were perfect, and it is true that all can't be experts in Military matters and skills. It is also true that there is nothing wrong with part time CMF [ ARES ] service.

However there is something wrong when people such as Westerway pretend they were something they were not, and mislead their fellow Veterans and the community. It puzzles us why ex Service members do this. Maybe they feel so inadequate and so poorly about their Military lives they then go about trying to prove themselves. Low self esteem and survivor guilt might be part of the reason they behave the way they do.


Westerway has recently had his email address blocked by the Federal Opposition Leader and other Liberal Party politicians, and we commend this action, for it is the only way to treat this pest and fool as he spams email address after email address with his lies, nonsense and stupidity.

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