Wannabe War Hero Jim Wiltshire

Jim Wiltshire

Jim Wiltshire served in the regular Army and Retired with the Rank of Major, according to him. He didn’t earn his Commission at RMC Duntroon or the former Officer Cadet School at Portsea. Wiltshire spent much of his time with the CMF [ARES] and RAS O [ special reserve ] and was a RAEME member clerk [Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers ] From the way Jim Wiltshire behaves both on and off the internet one could easily be forgiven for thinking he should never have been promoted at all. His behaviour is a disgrace to all those who held non Commissioned and Commissioned Rank.


Wiltshire was never heard of until he became involved with the Veterans political party in 2004. He immediately leapt to prominence in this political party, he obviously holds left or far left political leanings and his behaviour in this failed Party was ultimately partly responsible for ensuring it’s demise. Wiltshire is not a team player and loves lauding it over others and having his way all the time. It’s a case of “obey my orders” or else. Perhaps he thinks he is still in the Army and Commands a Company.


We have seen Wiltshire run around the internet since he seriously discovered keyboards from around 2006, telling lies, claiming credit for fixing Veteran issues he never had any input into, defaming people directly or via innuendo, abusing people, threatening people and in general penning deranged emails to all and sundry. Wiltshire doesn’t confine his ramblings to Veterans but also sends his drivel to politicians, statutory officials and even local councils. Few people can understand just what he talks about. He never explains clearly what he means, and he never means what he says. Wiltshire has made  or promulgated all sorts of scurrilous accusations about all sorts of decent and respected Veterans from the former Governor General down yet has never provided proof of his wild conspiracy theories and lies.


Jim Wiltshire is the Commander of Conspiracy Central. His mind lives in a warped wonder world of non existent conspiracies and plots. He never ever provides proof of the conspiracies which he alleges.In this he is ably assisted by various other mad galahs whose minds are just as warped.


As we speak Wiltshire is trying to cement himself in the position as mad galah senior mailman as he tries to oust fellow ratbag Petersen from his job.


Even Wiltshire’s own family are very concerned about his deranged and idiotic behaviour, and have been for some time.

This is a quote from his daughter, written on the web in 2007.............

"Dad suffers from PTSD. He is 63. Mum is 60. They are both retired. Dad's computer keeps him busy, sending emails to politicians and generally trying to help people. A lot of the emails Dad sends concern/upset me because of the tone he uses."

Considering Wiltshire never experienced the stressors associated with combat we wonder just what his stressors were which eventually saw him diagnosed with PTSD? It may be he is part of that fraudulent group which has lied about their War time experiences to gain benefit from the Commonwealth.


It’s amazing that a grown man like Wiltshire can behave so childishly. We know teenagers who are more rational and mature than this wannabe combat War Veteran, who has never ever seen a shot fired in anger nor fired an angry shot himself. His hatred of those who have seen combat is legendary. He regards combat Veterans as threats to his reputation as the fixer of all things and the font of all wisdom regarding combat.


Wiltshire is a fraud and wannabe, who teamed up with other mad galah frauds and wannabes to take over the Veteran community and impose their will on all. In this he has been a source of acute embarrassment to all decent, respectable Veterans and ex Service members and his attempts to big note himself have failed as sane, rational people from all walks of life shy away from his indecipherable rantings and silliness.


Jim Wiltshire will go down in Veteran history as a sick stain on our community which was ultimately removed so that clean material was left behind.


We will not regurgitate his old emails unless it is necessary to explain matters, but as Jim Wiltshire continues to post his maniacal missives we will post some of the more stupid in here with the appropriate comment.



James Alan Wiltshire ROYALS aka James Alan ROYALS aka Trevor James WILTSHIRE aka TJ.


When will you publicly admit you were a volunteer fee paying member of the murderous terrorist maggot star chamber CPMH?

We're still waiting.


The following is part of a Wiltshire expose which was published in the AVM Forum by Curt Ainsworth, a former ANZMI operative.

My apologies for making my first post to this forum such a long drawn out affair but I thought some here might be interested in a TJ email I received via several back doors.

TJ ? That was Trevor Jim Wiltshire's cunning code name when he was working with the ANZMI forerunner, CPMH.  I was instrumental in getting him the heave ho from there for being a pretentious jerk and as useless as the proverbial tits on a bull.

His email will give you a fair idea of the Mad Galah Mob mentality.

If you've ever dealt with The Mob CEO, Barry Corse at "Conspiracies R Us Central", then you'll recognise a behavioral trend flowing down through the lesser lights all the way down to their Feb 2007 recruit, Don Tate.

TJ must have flogged off his meds again to buy new tennis shoes. I haven't seen him this unsedated for a while.

Hey TJ. How's the new 4WD going? Get your old booster seat to fit ok? You always did know how to scam DVA for the ultimate $$. I remember you were one of the very few TPI recipients who was actually getting the $1900 pfn the unlovely unwanted Dana Vale told the media we were all getting.  Don't tell me you had something more than money to generate an affinity between the two of you. God didn't tell you to run for parliament too, did he?  If he did, you certainly stuffed that one up old son. Loudly and longly abusing the gentlemen of the Grey Funnel Line Association was not a real bright thing to do.  Let the master's apprentice Tate, the almost lifelike Corse sock puppet, handle the abuse end of things for the Mob. He's so painfully ridiculous he almost, not quite, but nearly, verges on being worth the odd chuckle. I'm only jokin' TJ. He's nowhere near humorous and we'll see how he likes playing cell block games when he gets done for fraud. What am I saying TJ?  He won't cop a laggin'. Don was wounded in Vietnam. The only man who was, if you listen to him whine.

You're backing a few dead horses here mate and the Sabre Farce crew have just added another high profile deadweight to drag you even further down. Do yourself a favour and go and take your meds. But I'll be back real quick if they don't kick in and slow you down from maniac to someone a tad more decent. By that I mean someone a bit more like the caring human being you used to be.

I just realised something TJ. I'm a Tate accused but as yet uncharged pedophile now I guess. I can't do much about that right at this minute but maybe Don Boy and I can sort that out in private later. You know how that works TJ. We start off with the "he saids" and the "you saids" followed by the "they saids" and then we shake hands and forget that anything ever happened.
Like ****

Bye TJ.

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